#1 Scuba Mask Anti Fog

1.6 oz. DeFROGGER, tested #1 scuba dive mask anti fog and defogger. Developed by a 30 year commercial diver and PADI/SSI specialty instructor looking for a better anti fog.


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DeFROGGER tested #1 scuba dive mask anti fog and defogger. Over 50 pros tested the top 5 defoggers; DeFROGGER won.  As a commercial diver, PADI and SSI Specialty Instructor, mask fogging has been an issue for years. The mask defogger products on the market don’t work very well so I have been working on a new anti fog with several divemasters and instructors over the past two years. I am proud to announce Defrogger, a mask anti fog, defogger and cleaner. An anti fog that actually works.

I set out to test current anti fog products and home remedies such as spit, shampoo and toothpaste. The commercial defog products were thin and just ran out of the mask doing essentially nothing. The thicker home remedies such as tooth paste worked well, but left a hard-to-see film on the mask lenses.  There had to be an in between.  Here is where defrogger was born. It just takes a dab and lightly coat the lenses on the inside and rinse once or at most twice so it becomes barely a sheen on the inside of the mask. Learn more about Scott’s development here.

A lot of solutions worked to a degree, but the number one trick is do not rinse it all out. The secret is a slightly thin layer, don’t over do the rinse once your solution is applied. I also notice the need to reapply after you surface is essential. Even Defrogger needs a very thin layer, but not so much it bothers your eyes. Do your best after applying to keep your mask out of the water and put on without dipping again. I like to apply on the boat or shore and rinse right before diving either in the water or the mask rinse water bucket on the boat. Keep the thin layer, it’s needed.

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