Scuba Diving Mask Defogger (2)

(2) 1.6 oz. Bottles DeFROGGER. Defrogger is a patent pending pro tested Scuba Diving Mask Defogger.  Finally an anti fog product that works!  Smells like lavendar and cleans as well.


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(2) 1.6 oz. Bottles DeFROGGER anti fog; the best Scuba Diving Mask Defogger. Get an extra for your buddy! (You might need them someday lol)

As a scuba instructor, I always found it weird why they didn’t give a bottle of defogger with each mask sale to new divers. Like most of us know, learning something new presents it’s own challenges. Adding the extra limited vision through your mask factor doesn’t help a student accomplish the tasks as easily. I purchased a high end Atomic Venom Mask and had the hardest time getting it to clear. Toothpaste, baby toothpaste and a variety of grit paste to no avail.. I tried the sonic care and nothing. (Fiancés Sonic Care, shhhh!)

The solution, burn the coating off the inside of a $200 plus mask. It was hard to take a lighter to it. After another dive I didn’t see much the lighter went on attack and I burned a black coating on the inside. Well, it worked!! I could see again! I used a lot of spit to keep it from defogging but I never regretted the lighter trick.

When teaching Scuba Diving, I would put on some type of anti fog at the truck and would wear the mask around my neck as a well instructed scuba diver would suggest. By doing this, I finally figured out the defog and whether toothpaste or shampoo was rinsing completely out. You see, around my neck it was letting water rinse out on the swim to our point to descend. Now I strap backwards on my forehead to keep the light film from rinsing out. Better yet, just put it on if you have a surface swim. This way you have less fog risk for your next Scuba Diving, Freediving and Snorkeling adventure being able to see clearly under water like you should! Good luck out there and email any questions to [email protected]


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