I am Scott Fontecchio the developer of the Mask Defog “Defrogger”. I am PADI/SSI Specialty Instructor and a commercial diver since 1983; currently doing boat salvage and Instructor in Lake Tahoe. I’ve struggled, along with my students, to keep my mask from fogging. As an instructor, it’s important to keep an eye on every student, every second. Just like my buddy when diving, I hope they have a clear look out for me too.

I have been using my own formula for years. I have tried nearly every defog I can get my hands on to see if they compare. Never. It seems the reason my formula is so effective is the thickness. Leave a thin film and not rinsing the inside film completely (About 95%). Any instructor and divemaster can tell you, the key is to leave just a bit and don’t rinse again unless it bothers your eyes. DeFROGGER is similar to the same formula I’ve used for 30 years but it’s made in a reef safe non-toxic formula that’s even safe to aquatic life.

Defrogger was born, a special proprietary and patent pending formula. Defrogger outperformed 5 popular defoggers! Try it, and if you do not like it, I’ll refund your money no questions.

Happy Diving,